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    Next Level Financial Insights

    Finviews offers unparalleled insight into investment data in real time. Unique simulation and What-if simulation options on every detail of the financial reports by single company, portfolio and industry groupings immediately available as soon as lodged. From your web browser, Excel or Power BI.

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    Intelligent Insight

    • Analyse and compare companies, sectors and markets from every angle
    • Gain insight using advanced visualization, business intelligence and financial analysis methods
    • On multiple platforms: Excel, Web or mobile app. 
    • Company valuation using DCF, Enterprise Value, etc. at a click
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    Realtime Access to Results

    • Access without delays on filing date
    • Currently available for US markets. SEC reports: 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F,6-K and 13F).
    • Completely avoids re-keying of numbers and any report maintenane as well as preventing human errors.
    • Extensive completeness and logical checks.
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    Unparalleled Interaction

    • Easily interact with the data to test your assumptions.
    • Simulate different internal (growth assumptions) and external (GDP growth, interest rates, CPI etc...) factors or do a goal seek for specific outcomes.
    • Assess the effects of acquisitions, as well as realise automated detailed sector and portfolio comparisons.
    • Build financial models with unparalelled ease.
  • Next Level Financial Analytics

    Starting the Finviews Trial only takes two minutes and will enable you:

    • analysis of financial reports from every angle: all details , peer group, micro and macro view.

    • easy creation of professional financial dashboards tailored to your needs

    • no more menial work with updating reports in Excel. Automatic updates within minutes of filing
    • Intelligent data cleansing and standardization to ensure comparability
    • no need to install separate Excel add-ins


    • Excel >Version 2010

    • Any client that can access MS SQL Relational Databases or MS Analysis Services

    For any further details, tailored solutions or OEM arrangements please contact us with the form below

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  • Investment Professionals

    • Corporate Finance Departments: Identify the next M&A and LBO transactions
    • Equity and Credit Sales & Trading: Be the first to react to results reports and publish trade ideas
    • Asset Management and Hedge Funds: Stock analysis, selection and stock screening relevant to your particular strategy: Long only, Absolute Return, Risk arbitrage or event-driven strategies


    • Finance Departments: monitor your relative performance relevant to your various stakeholders (Board, Shareholders, Lenders, Regulators etc...)
    • Business Development: Realise competitor analysis and market positioning. Benchmark your company and finetune your sales and margins objectives
    • Corporate Strategy: identify the next growth areas, promising products, potential partners or target acquisitions

    Consulting Practices

    • Strategy Consultants: Provide the most up-to-date financial insights to your clients to help identify and develop the next winning strategies in terms of growth or innovation
    • Operations Consultants: Build KPIs and realise benchmark analysis to identify potential risk and opportunities for your clients

    Regulators and Affiliated

    • Regulators: Monitor capital adequacy, liquidity coverage and realise stress testing according to international (Basel III or Solvency II) or local (FDIC, FSA, APRA etc..) requirements
    • Government Entities: Build models to realise credit and economic analysis, statistical studies that underline regulatory-enforcement and economic policies


    • Students: Use professional analysis tools to realise historical and industry wide comparisons for your next research publication or PhD thesis
    • Teachers and Faculty Members: Get background information and analysis to give real-life examples to your case studies, course topics or finance classes 

    Individual Investors

    • Use professional tools to value your investments
    • Optimize your investments within your portfolio
    • Integrate your portfolio in a global asset allocation strategy (Properties, Cash etc..)
    • Manage your assets in the broader context of your income/retirement needs
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    Write Back and Simulate

    The only financial solution that allows you to easily simulate your assumptions, do what if analysis and calculate goal seek. Start with copying for example actual report information and see how changes in factors (growth rate, interest etc.) will affect outcomes and share price.

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    Intelligent Analysis

    Easily analyse the data from every angle supported by advanced business intelligence visualisation methods. Immediately answer questions like: "What financial items are outside of expected barriers", "Who is the top performer in a sector" or "How likely will a company be fulfulling their debt obligations".

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    Unique Peer/Sector Comparisons

    Compare every financial detail in published reports against peer group or share of sectors. See at a glance how different sectors stand against each other. 

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    Every Detail in Real Time

    At your finger tips automatically updated in the front end of choice (Excel, Web, Mobile) every item (since 2009) of every financial report plus economic indicators and the option to integrate your own data sources. Special "drill through" options to link every detail back to the filed report or live online pricing data.

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    Mobile Device Support

    Analyse, simulate and report from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android)

  • Finviews Editions

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    Excel Data Stream

    Get your desired details as an offline feed from the Azure Data Market directly into Excel




    • All corporate fundamentals filed with financial authorities (Currently available US markets (SEC filed reports) since 2009)
    • Economic indicators (e.g. inflation, GDP, CPI etc.)  
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    Finviews Base

    Analyse corporate fundamentals data like never before: build views, comparison scenarios and simulate using a live link to our server in Excel.



    • All corporate fundamentals filed with SEC since 2009
    • Intelligent ratios (extensive method library)
    • Multidimensional model with all corporate fundamentals
    • Flexible analysis by any dimension: company/industry hierarchy, financial measures, time, scenario
    • What-if analysis 
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    Finviews Premium

    In addition to Finviews Base get online and mobile device publishing.



    • All corporate fundamentals filed with SEC since 2009
    • Intelligent ratios (extensive method library)
    • Multidimensional model with all corporate fundamentals
    • Flexible analysis by any dimension: company/industry hierarchy, financial measures, time, scenario
    • What if analysis
    • Web Publishing
    • Mobile device application (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Try The Sample Dashboard

    This is a sample dashboard that showcases interactive financial insights with the Finviews data stream. It can be fully customized to your requirements without any programming skills.

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